Tired of paying a huge monthly marketing retainer
and still not knowing your ROI?

Stay in front of your existing network, make it easier for new clients to find you,
stand out as the best, and drive revenue through earned media.

Problems We Solve

How am I supposed to have a budget for marketing and PR if I can't show ROI?

Ever heard the rumor that marketing is a money sieve? Impressi is here to prove those haters wrong, and show you exactly how Marketing Means Making Money. We only get paid when we deliver, and we illustrate how your brand development dollars impact your bottom line. The proof is in the analytics.

We may be small, but we are the real deal. What can we do to legitimize ourselves in the eye of the public?

Let’s get you published in a trusted journal. Let’s get you industry awards. Let’s get you on searchable lists. Let’s create awareness and buzz around your brand. These efforts, building upon themselves, truly signify thought leadership.

I know I need help, but I don't have the money to bring a communications professional in-house.

Impressi is the ideal solution for companies who know they need a content marketing backbone, but can’t necessarily afford to (or don’t want to) bring someone in-house or hire full-time.

I need to stay in front of my prospects, but I'm having difficulty finding relevant, engaging content for touch points.

Each step of the digital PR journey generates a content base for marketing (and sales) to then push out across your various other platforms: social, emailers, your website, etc. Just as marketing gives sales the tools they need to succeed, PR in turn gives marketing the tools they need to succeed.

For years I've been meaning to participate in this whole SEO thing. Can someone just handle it please?

When we score a win for you, it’ll often result in a link to your website from another highly trusted website. These are backlinks. And these are gold.

Clients are finding errors right and left in our marketing material. It's incredibly embarrassing.

We’ve got you covered. If you’ve ever had a client tell you there was a typo in a mass email or your address is wrong on your website, you know that the devil is, in fact, in the details. Sometimes some expert, third party eyes are all you need to take care of it and ease your worries. From proofing to editing to craft a more effective message for your target audience, short blogs to long white papers, let us help you out.

I really just want to put out a press release.

We can do that.

Additional Content Creation Services


Everyone knows the hardest part of creating content is getting it down on paper (well, “paper”). Whether it’s a press release, blog post, web page, white paper, article, or other form of content, Impressi has you covered. Since you are the subject matter expert, we will interview you to capture the precise points you want conveyed.

Editing (click to open)

The devil is in the details. Everyone has experienced that dreaded typo in a client email. Or how about that thought leadership piece you’re touting on your website as representative of your brand? Are you missing mistakes because you’ve read it 1,000 times? Is this content written in the appropriate tone for your audience? What do you want your readers to do? How do you want them to feel?

Editing is a lot more than proofing (though equally important). Impressi is built to be a seamless and integral part of your content marketing process.

Want to see how it works? Email your content to dani@impressimarketing.com, free of charge, and we will show you the Impressi difference.


Impressi is your digital brand champion. We are earned media executors, working with your team to provide a holistic go-to-market approach. We make your stories and expertise work for you.

Why the name?

I’ve always thought the root of the word “impression” was fascinating. When you impress someone, they are literally marked by you. Very few people remember the root of the word, especially in today’s society when social media and web analytics tout impressions as a measure of success. “Impression” is such a loaded word that has evolved over many centuries, yet retained its special meaning of affecting someone deeply.


Verb, Late 14th century

“Have a strong effect on the mind or heart.” From Latin imprimere, “Press into or upon; stamp.”

Who is Dani?

Dani has spent her entire career in sales, marketing, and PR, building a network of leading industry professionals across numerous specialties.

Starting with Convergent Wealth Advisors, one of the largest independent investment firms in the country, Dani held a series of sales and marketing positions with increasing responsibility. She was rapidly promoted and eventually reported directly to the president, overseeing firm-wide content creation, management, and editing. Dani designed an interactive and responsive website, client deliverable templates, press releases, and public communications including social media, newsletters, and media relations. During her tenure, marketing-generated sales leads increased by more than 700%, and Dani headed the campaign that resulted in Convergent being selected by Barron’s magazine as the #1 Advisor in the country from a universe of tens of thousands.

While with Convergent, Dani also managed the sales process for a nationwide network of 12 business development officers. Utilizing her passion for technology, she integrated the sales process with the company’s CRM system and built a predictive sales pipeline model that is still used to forecast sales.

Sony Pictures Entertainment hired Dani in 2014 to drive marketing strategy for their home entertainment division. Working closely with a myriad of internal and external resources, Dani crafted marketing briefs, including publicity, added value, artwork, packaging, TV spot, print, digital, and radio. In her first year with the company, Dani was selected to lead the marketing program on one of Sony’s two Academy Award®-winning films.

Dani graduated Cum Laude from The University of Miami with a BS in finance. She is an active participant in Young Presidents’ Organization events. A third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and fitness fanatic, she is an avid Crossfitter (and recently, OrangeTheorist), loves to hit the ski slopes whenever possible, and can regularly be seen with her golden retriever in Park City, Utah, where she lives with her husband and baby girl.

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