The Loaded World of Impressions

Forgive me for my passionate exclamations and ellipses here. This is my company’s namesake, after all…

“Impression” is a loaded word nowadays: first impressions, last impressions, a metric used to weigh into the success of a campaign…

… the impression you leave on someone, how you make them feel. Impress.

Content is the most powerful marketing tool, whether it’s read, listened to, or visualized.

Everyone has experienced that dreaded typo in an email or that Client call saying the address on the website is wrong (or something like that). Face palm.

What’s even worse is an error in the piece you’re touting as the most representative of you as a firm (whether a brochure, a thought leadership piece, or your website as a whole). You’ve read these pieces 1,000 times to make sure they’re exactly how you want them. But are they written in the appropriate tone for your target audience?

What do you want your audience to do? How do you want them to feel? In this day and age, credibility is everything. Your content accuracy and effectiveness (or lack thereof) can have a huge effect on this. Take a step back and make sure your content is working for you (not against you).


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