Elevating Your Company Coverage

So, you scored an earned media placement… now what?

If the buck stops here, you’re missing out on some serious exposure. Here’s the route your coverage should take, whether it’s a quote or a full-on byline:

  1. Post it on your website! If you don’t have a “Press” section yet, make one.
  2. Post it on your social media profiles. Better yet, check and see if the outlet who published you has already posted on their social profiles. Chances are, as a small business owner, their social reach is greater than yours (no offense), so harness that power! Retweet and like their posts.
    1. Where appropriate, if they have not posted a link to your article yet, ask them to do so. Tag them. Everyone appreciates a little extra social love. Provide your social handles so they can tag you, as well. How cool would that be?
    2. Let your employees know. Have them post a link to your article. The more eyeballs, the better. Plus, it boosts morale when the company you work for is doing something noteworthy.
  3. Weave it into your email marketing campaigns. If it’s a quote, add it in your “In the News” section. If it’s a bigger deal and deserves an email announcement of its own, go for it. Don’t be shy. This massive publication turned to you, an expert and thought leader, to inform them; celebrate that.
  4. If it’s an even bigger deal (e.g., if you won a reputable industry award or you got published in a publication that’s a household name), distribute a press release. Generate those backlinks and let Google know how awesome you are.
    1. Reach out to relevant media contacts—as long as your placement tells enough of a story.
  5. Weave the earned media win into all your marketing materials. Perhaps your pitch deck has an “As featured in section”or your press boilerplate mentions some of your more high-profile placements. Update it all. It’s bragging time.

I know this seems like a lot, but once you develop a process, you’ll glide right through it. And you’ll reap the benefits of a fully leveraged piece of content.

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