The Credibility that Comes with a Third Party Testimonial

Not surprisingly, over 60% of people trust third party sources (as opposed to brand advertising, a means the majority of consumers distrust), according to a recent survey. A “third party” simply consists of someone/something not directly connected to the consumer, but that has influence over that consumer—be it via relevancy, thought leadership, or social.

Of course, the content on your website is all marketing material. You wrote it! And you have your company’s best interests in mind. You know it, potential customers know it…

This is why adding third party testimonials and earned media creates a necessary depth and credibility to your content marketing efforts. When consumers click on the “In the News” section on your website and see that big, reputable names they’ve grown to trust turned to you as an expert, that means something. Or, if a prospective customer is flipping through one of their trusted publications and sees your name (and a link to your website) commenting on something they’re interested in or happened to just be thinking about, not only do you have a new potential client, but you have earned a bit more of Google’s trust, as the consumer clicks through to your site from a more prominent site.

Further, you do not have to relegate these earned media placements to a sub-page on your website. Display awards, bylines, and quotes prominently, highlighting the impressive and eye-catching name of the influencer, whether it’s a person or a media outlet. The quicker customers see reputable sources (other than yourselves) are recognizing you as a thought leader, the quicker you earn their trust. And that’s what it’s all about!

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