The Best Way to Combat Negative Press

Bury it with positive press! It sounds simple and perhaps trite, but it really is the best way to mitigate negative coverage of you and/or your firm.

Of course, crisis management is a PR specialty in and of itself and requires a specific game plan. If we’re talking about the general ebb and flow of positive and negative sentiment and feedback toward your firm, however, place a renewed focus on generating positive coverage, and watch your negative press slip away into the abyss (a.k.a. the archives of the internet).

When pitching outlets, be realistic, but don’t be afraid to also reach for the stars. The more targeted, realistic outlets (and pick-up of press releases) will give you the content quantity you need to bury negative press, and the larger outlets with a higher domain authority will give you the content quality you need to bury negative press. This two-pronged approach should be a consistent part of your content marketing strategy.

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