The Case for a Results-Driven Marketing Model

A results-driven model is far from the norm in the marketing and PR world. Typically, an agency will charge clients a monthly retainer—as a part of a longer-term contract—regardless of the results they provide. “ROI” is not a term often associated with marketing. So, when I give my spiel on Impressi’s results-driven compensation model, a lot of industry-members tilt their head with perked up ears… like a confused pup. I even recently got asked, “Do you mind me asking why you chose to model your business like that?” My answer: not in the least!

Impressi’s model is the only model I see as fair to the client. In nearly every other industry, you only get paid when you deliver, so why should marketing and PR be any different? It simply doesn’t matter if I tried to get a client placed. Would you pay a vendor if they tried to ship you an item, but it never got to you? No. You pay when your product or service is delivered.

A results-driven model is a no-risk model for clients. If they get placed, wonderful. If not, they don’t pay a dime, and they’re actually left with quality content they can then turn to owned media. It’s a win/win. With retainers, clients are never truly sure of their ROI. Not to mention, these retainers are often astronomical. At Impressi, you only pay for quantifiable results. While few things in life are black and white, this model is, hence . . . the Impressi model.

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