The Marketing Machine

By this point, most of us know the term “marking automation.” People were even tossing the phrase around when I started my career a decade ago. Essentially, it’s what’s running in the background while you, the business owner or employee, manage and execute the everyday operations of your business. Powerful (albeit expensive) software platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot, boast solutions to turn your content and web presence into a lead generation funnel, automatically qualifying or disqualifying leads, and ultimately resulting in closed business. Implementing these tools and processes is a ton of work, but can yield exceptional results—if this fits into your business model.

The truth of the matter is, whether because of resources (human or capital), size, industry, or subject matter, enforcing robust, highly technical programs like these is not always possible nor advisable. What is possible? Building and feeding another kind of marketing machine with earned media. With Impressi, you can go about your daily business, knowing that there are processes in place to capture applicable earned media opportunities on which to capitalize. Let’s say your expertise is in California real estate. Every time a reporter needs an expert to discuss real estate in California for an upcoming article, rest assured you will know about it and get the opportunity to respond. We’re also monitoring relevant, engaging conversations and content to mine opportunities for you to present a more in-depth, opposing, or otherwise intriguing viewpoint. It’s all about providing media contacts with what they need (valuable content), when they need it (when people are talking about it).

So, it may not be the “marketing automation” you read about in the latest tech blog, but you’re setting up a marketing machine, nonetheless. And it’s providing you with impressive, compelling content and earned media wins to showcase on your website, email newsletter, and social media.

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