Creating Brand Consistency Through Content

In my experience, the #1 reason a marketing professional is brought on board is because the business grew—and continues to grow—somewhat rapidly, and the branding is all over the place. When you’re growing quickly, in an effort to follow instruction and “just get something up there quickly,” employees often post some company informational language here, a logo there, some different language here, an updated logo there, etc. Business leaders then start to stress about these messy, unprofessional disparities, and bring in a marketer to take control of the brand’s online presence. “Taking control” means taking inventory of what already exists in the online abyss, making everything consistent, and creating a process for the future so the wheel does not have to be reinvented yet again.

Your brand consists of what people think about your company. Consistency of that brand is important because it instills trust in your messaging and eases brand recognition. One way to maintain brand consistency is through earned media. By carefully targeting proper outlets and audiences to deliver your message, you are repeatedly establishing your brand. You are flooding Google with placements that are on-brand, so when prospects research your company, they see coherent messaging from reputable sources. Your firm’s “voice” is consistent and distinguishable, which preserves credibility.


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