Where to Invest Your Marketing Dollars

The fact of the matter is most companies do not have an unlimited marketing budget. When determining where to spend your precious marketing dollars, you have seemingly endless options: social advertising, Google AdWords, events, swag, marketing automation software, website enhancements, email marketing, videos, influencer campaigns, PR, SEO… the list goes on. There are compelling arguments for each of these categories. The solution usually ends up being a combination of a few tactics, depending on your product or service, your target audience and how they buy. If your target audience “lives” online, invest in some SEO. If you’re a large organization that needs to keep your pipeline organized, invest in marketing automation software. And so on and so forth.

What I’d like to illustrate today is the benefit of layering your marketing campaigns with a consistent marketing machine, as we discussed in a previous blog post. A lot of the client work we do at Impressi involves coordination with other marketing professionals (in-house or outsourced), feeding into their various existing marketing campaigns.

Example 1: One of my clients already has a digital marketer on retainer to manage his website and social media accounts. Whenever Impressi scores a new earned media placement for the client, we pass it along to the marketer to post on the client’s social media platforms. Whenever a new campaign warrants a landing page, Impressi drafts the language and sends to the marketer to publish.

Example 2: Another one of my clients already has an in-house marketing department. They had put together a press release for a C-level new hire, and passed it along to Impressi to pitch to the media. We landed an Exclusive in one of their target media outlets.

Example 3: A few of my other clients have contracts with marketing agencies. I am brought into the mix to create quick, supplemental editorial opportunities and/or complete writing projects. They also keep me informed about their current campaigns so I can brainstorm outreach ideas.

It’s important to remember that with Impressi, we only charge when we get a client placed. So in all these instances there was no risk to the client in terms of adding an additional monthly fee. Sometimes when Impressi has an incredibly successful month securing earned media for clients, in order to manage cash flow, clients will “pause” our services. We will solely focus on relationship-building until funds are freed up and we can “release the hounds” once again. Simple as that.

All this is to say: no matter what your marketing mix ends up being, consider a risk-free layered service like Impressi. As I start with in all my emails, “Nothing to lose and a ton to gain.”


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