How to Use the News to Earn Coverage

You don’t have to be first; you just have to be different.

That’s a tip for anyone out there trying to generate press coverage. A lot of people assume that if they didn’t invent the wheel, the media won’t care about what they have to say. The truth is writers, of course, care about the “firsts,” but they also care about differing opinions presented in credible, thought-provoking ways. Why? Because their readers crave the full story. In the era of fake news, opposing sources are all the more important.

So monitor the news in your industry. See what’s trending and with which articles people are engaging most (tools like BuzzSumo are great for this, or even just built-in trending monitors on your favorite social platforms or publications). Do you have an opposing viewpoint? If so, do you have compelling reasoning? The writers of these stories would love to hear it.

Pitch angles don’t always have to be opposing either. If the writer of a particular article skimmed over something or just briefly mentioned a point you know is important, pitch your expertise and why you think readers would benefit from learning more about that particular point.

The bottom line: use the news to help craft your pitches and earn media coverage.

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