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At Impressi, we connect the dots between subject matter experts and the reporters writing about those subject matters. In other words, we connect brands with media. Oftentimes, brands and media contacts do not speak the same language. Our job is to translate so that the brand has the best chance of being covered accurately and effectively.

Recently, I connected my client to a magazine with a readership of my client’s target audience. I thought of a relevant and appropriate angle to get us through the door and then facilitated an interview. When it came time to fact check, the client had various comments and suggestions on how to better the story and represent the brand. The problem is that the writer’s job is to write. And no one likes being told how to do their job—especially when he or she is under strict rules to stay as far away from promotional language as possible. The client’s job, on the other hand, is to tell their brand story. As you can see, these “jobs” often butt heads. Impressi’s job is to make sure everyone understands each others’ roles, and create a win/win.

Often, coverage is “win” enough. As I have mentioned, once a piece is written, it is very difficult to change wording other than factual discrepancies. That is why the interview itself is so important, as well as how we prep the writer. Because clients are so close to their brand story, they typically find it difficult to accept different ways of phrasing and presentation. It’s important to remember that writers know how to best communicate with their readers. Believe it or not, this piece works harder for the client because a third-party wrote it rather than if the client had written it themselves.

Another significant note: with earned media (or any publicity, for that matter), it’s not always the content that’s most important. Rather, it’s the fact that your name came out of someone else’s mouth. Use it! Milk it for all it’s worth.

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