Opening Doors to New Opportunities

First, a story:

I had been in touch with an editor periodically on behalf of my client, pitching various topics. Some resulted in placements, some didn’t. What happened next? That same editor was on the selection committee of a very prestigious industry award. The award received over 700 applications, and of those 700+ applicants, the editor remembered my client’s name. Lo and behold, my client ended up receiving the award. I’m not saying our work at Impressi was the reason my client was selected; this leader was 100% deserving and qualified. The editor did, however, thank me for my introduction to the client and continuous check-ins, because it allowed him to confidently move forward with the selection of my client as the award winner.

Now, the point:

In every Impressi prospective client proposal, we include the following language on the “Benefits” page:

Even without placements, you obtain invaluable knowledge on in-demand content, which you can push out via owned media to stay timely and relevant.

While often overlooked since Impressi clients only pay when they receive results in the form of placements, the offering described in this sentence is incredibly powerful. Let me explain.

Certainly, our goal at Impressi is to get clients earned media placements, be they quotes, mentions, or articles published in relevant publications. These placements build credibility with both target audiences and search engines via backlinks, as well as provide clients with content they can disseminate across their network via email, social, and other online marketing campaigns.

It’s safe to say, however, that the majority of pitches do not result in a placement. As I’ve mentioned, clients remain unharmed since they only pay for wins. But pitching efforts themselves often result in indirect wins—in two very distinct ways:

  1. Per the sentence in our proposal, access to tools like HARO and ProfNet essentially provide you, the client, with a dynamic database of timely topics. Was a new law just passed in Congress? Is the market down? Is a hurricane about to hit? How do these topics affect your industry? If your submission to a query on one of these topics is not selected, you at least now know it’s a topic relevant enough to warrant a blog post, email, or social post. In other words, simply use the content you’ve already put together as a submission, and push it out via owned media (or hire Impressi to draft additional content for you). Satisfy the demand.
  2. See the story I told at the beginning of the blog post. Even if your submission, article, etc. is not accepted, the act of pitching gets your name in front of the right people. The more these industry writers and reporters see your name, the more likely they are to remember you when other opportunities arise.

See how that works? 🙂


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