Creating Content for SEO

SEO is a complicated topic. It could be (and probably is) its own course in graduate school, has a zillion different nuances, and employs constantly changing algorithms (in Google’s effort to keep people honest). But a few guiding principles and trends still hold true:

  1. High authority backlinks are important. The more high quality (i.e., high domain authority) sites that link back to your site, the better. If these trustworthy sites trust you and link to you as a resource, Google sees that as a good sign and rewards your domain authority accordingly.
  2. Reputable content is written with the reader in mind. This trend has evolved over time. When the field of SEO first started gaining steam, content generators would try and game the system through strategies such as keyword loading. They’d essentially trick Google into thinking their content was targeted and relevant. Google has caught on, though, and now rewards the tactic of simply writing for the benefit of the reader (how all content should be written in the first place). Google’s algorithms have become so complex that they are now able to identify and reward this intent.

So, what does this mean? Seek out opportunities to add value to reputable sites. Provide their readers with relevant and useful information. Don’t be promotional. Impressi can help you with all of this. Just give the readers what they want, and watch your domain authority grow.

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