The 4 Easiest Marketing Opportunities Most Companies Miss

I often talk about how weaving earned media into your marketing strategy, especially with a model like Impressi’s, presents one of life’s very rare no-lose situations: You pay nothing until you see results. In fact, it’s such an easy service to say yes to that I thought I’d quickly list everything you’re missing out on if you neglect to incorporate earned media into your marketing plan:

  1. Money. If you’re paying someone a monthly retainer without guaranteed results, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Yes, some months could yield promising results, but others could produce absolutely nothing. For businesses that have to keep an eye on cash flow, this could present a serious and frustrating issue. Anyone else share the belief that you should know if you’re getting what you’re paying for?
  2. Credibility. Third party publications are the best generators of unbiased content out there. Your audience knows that a) you didn’t write it and b) you didn’t pay for it. That’s how you build credibility.
  3. ContentYou know you need to stay in front of your customers, but you don’t have a steady flow of content ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to know there’s a marketing machine running in the background, feeding you headlines, such as your inclusion in a popular podcast or reputable media outlet?

    You even supplement this by adding owned media to your content strategy (such as pushing out blogs, emailers, and white papers). Don’t have time to write? We’ve got you covered.

    When you’re privy to what industry media contacts are writing about, you also know what content topics are in demand. Without this, you’re just guessing, which is a waste of time and money.
  4. Online presence. When people Google your company, the more positive search results they see, the better. With Impressi, the goal is for you to have far more Google results after you hire us than before. Links back to your site from reputable sources are also one of the best tried-and-true, organic ways to establish online trust and optimize your presence on search engine results pages. They also happen to be one of the main benefits of earned media.

So, there you have it. If you know you’re only paying for results, why would you pass up these opportunities?

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