To Stand Out, Stand For Something

As many of you know, I had a baby around a month ago. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we are neck-deep in baby clothing, gear, toys, and other thoughtful gifts. One of my oldest friends bought Dylan (our daughter) a pair of adorable TOMS baby shoes with dogs on them (to match her mother’s favorite slippers!). I was particularly excited about this gift, not only because they were beyond cute but also because I respect TOMS as a company. I value their mission, particularly their shoe matching program for children in need and their recent #EndGunViolenceTogether campaign. They are a company to which I’d gladly give my dollars, because I like both their product and their values.

A purpose behind the brand is becoming more and more crucial to success in today’s media and consumer landscape. Customers want companies’ values to align with theirs, and to know that their purchase is going to more than just a bottom line. As a matter of fact, Impressi recently secured one of our clients, Rebecca Metter, CEO of Wambi, a placement in Fast Company in an article discussing predictions for the state of women entrepreneurship this year. Rebecca states, “[Women] will look for organizations that reflect their values and are solving meaningful challenges. Millennial women want to work for organizations that empower them to exercise their entrepreneurial muscles, that support team members with flexibility and autonomy in their roles, and are on a meaningful mission—potentially even a social good mission.”

So, figure out your company’s purpose and what you and your employees value. Act on that purpose and share your impact with the world through tactics like earned media. You’ll attract your ideal, likeminded target audience, and perhaps even pay it forward.


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