3 Ways PR Helps Marketing

Marketing and PR go hand-in-hand, and the lines continue to blur between the roles of both, which is a good thing! The “help me help you” line from Jerry Maguire applies to so many business instances and relationships, including marketing and PR, marketing and sales, PR and sales… The list goes on.

As I’ve said before, to leverage a successful PR campaign, plug in earned media wins (podcast features, awards, interviews, bylines, mentions, etc.) to your existing marketing campaigns. Show off those placements on your website, in your marketing collateral, in email marketing campaigns, and in social posts. One placement can go a long way!

Here are a few different ways you can still distinguish PR and marketing:

  1. PR builds the reputation; marketing broadcasts it.
  2. PR develops the brand; marketing sells it.
  3. PR is influential, marketing is informational.

All this being said, coordination between PR and marketing campaigns is crucial to success. Help me help you!

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