Product Marketing vs. Service Marketing

I am in the unique position to have lived in both worlds of product marketing and service marketing (not to mention, in the worlds of both a massive global organization and a small boutique firm). At Sony Pictures Entertainment, my end goal was to get people to buy the product of movies, physically and digitally. At Convergent Wealth Advisors, my end goal was to get people to buy the service of financial advice.

When I moved into the entertainment world, I knew my skill set could cross industry lines, but to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure how this would manifest itself. Product marketing and service marketing are similar in that both require positioning statements which establish how you’ll tell your story in a way that resonates with your particular target audience. Another similarity? The need for case studies. No matter if you’re marketing a product or a service, people want to know how whatever “it” is has worked to accomplish customers’ goals.

In the world of earned media, if a writer is pulling together a story on products, he or she is looking for how your product can help the outlet’s readers and/or the story behind the product. If the writer is drafting a story on services, he or she is typically looking for the expertise of your thought leader.

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