Earned Media vs. Paid Media vs. Owned Media

I describe Impressi as being in the “earned media” space. Earned media contrasts with paid media and owned media. Here’s a quick reference guide showing the differences between the three:

Earned Media
No money is exchanged. The media contact simply includes you as an expert resource for his/her audience in an article, as an award recipient, etc. because you haveĀ earned that exposure organically. Theoretically, earned media is the most trustworthy type of placement.

Paid Media
Examples include your classic “pay-to-play” opportunities, like sponsored content. You pay to guarantee inclusion in an article, ad, etc. Placements are a bit less trustworthy since it’s made clear the content was paid for. More on this next month.

Owned Media
Content that you post on your own media properties, like your website, blog, emails, and social feeds. Content is consumed with a grain of salt since it is written and published by the publisher him or herself.

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