Buying In to Earned Media

As an Impressi client, you only pay when we deliver results. We love this business model because it undeniably puts us on the same team as our clients and, frankly, is just plain fair. There’s only one problem: Our clients are busy! Success with earned media requires a real commitment to speedy and consistent participation. We will not be successful if responding to media inquiries is not a priority. 

To better serve our clients and help them generate more media exposure, we’re introducing a “buy-in” fee for the first three months of working together. This fee goes toward future earned media wins. It also covers the cost of the paid media databases and profiles we give our clients access to, but more importantly, it instills a sense of urgency in clients. I don’t know about you, but I pay a hefty sum for eight OrangeTheory classes every month, and you better believe I make a point of using up all eight… because I paid for them! And because I’m committed to using all eight, I see results much faster than I would if I just went to a class every now and then.

Makes sense, eh? You’ll thank me later.


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