Is Sponsored Content Sketchy?

Maybe. Maybe not. But in a world where some would say journalism is a dying art form, publications need advertising dollars now more than ever to stay afloat.

Writers get flooded every day with hundreds of pitches from PR professionals. Thus, the response rate for PR pros is rapidly decreasing as they’re getting lost in the shuffle.

My recommendation: If at first you don’t succeed with earned media, try, try again with paid media. Sponsored content provides you with a line of communication to your target audience that you would not otherwise have. Many outlets also post sponsored content to their social media feeds, which can deliver your message to a much broader audience. This exposure could actually be more even effective than the article itself. Since sponsored content is technically an advertisement, you’d likely be pulling from a different budget altogether, which supports the “complementary” nature of earned and paid media. Most B2C media outlets have already turned to this tactic, and B2B outlets are certainly not far behind.

It’s worth a look! And remember, everything’s negotiable.

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