Giving Your Sales Team Something to Sell

Let’s face it: We’re all out here selling pretty much the same things. Especially in service businesses, the actual offerings are not often distinct. What differentiates us is the people (though most Sharks in the Tank would say that that alone is not a differentiator) and how we market ourselves.

Some people hold the opinion that content marketing is a waste of money. They preach the value of networking and getting in front of people. I agree; that approach certainly has significant benefits. My question is: When you accomplish the feat of getting yourself in front of prospects and referral sources, what will you say? They’ve heard your service offering spiel numerous times. You need something that makes you stand out. What will gain you trust in this person’s eyes? I’ll tell you: earned media—notable media outlets that have turned to you as an expert resource.

So, go ahead; go to those networking events. Ask for those referrals. But, do yourself a favor and have some earned media wins in your back pocket so your audience doesn’t think you’re just tooting your own horn.

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