Google Yourself

I know everyone always says not to for fear of what will show up, but do me a favor and Google your company. I’m going to guess and say that the first few pages of your Google search results will consist of your website, links to your company’s social profiles, a few press releases you’ve issued…

This is a good start; After all, these are all things you want prospective clients to see (except the occasional ZoomInfo or Glassdoor post which you hope is accurate and can’t really do anything about, anyway). The problem is, this is all owned media. It carries with it very little credibility, since clients know that you wrote it.

A healthy mix of content that you’ve published about your company and other reputable media outlets have published about your company is ideal. Then clients can view the perfect, controlled message that you’re putting out there, as well as the earned, trustworthy words of a third-party. After you’ve Google searched yourself, search a few competitors and take note of any differences. Then hire Impressi to get ahead (or catch up).

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