Good, Fast, Cheap; Pick Two

When it comes to marketing help, there are a ton of different directions you can turn—and pros and cons of each. One of the first questions teams ask themselves is whether they want to hire a marketing professional internally, or outsource marketing tasks and strategy. If you hire internally, you have to factor in human capital costs such as health insurance and taxes. If you outsource, you have to think about whether you want to hire a full-blown marketing agency ($$$$), split up your marketing goals and hire firms like Impressi to cover specific needs, or an even further piecemeal approach, find freelancers on sites like UpWork and hire individuals on a project-by-project basis.

This reminded me of a familiar phrase, “Good, fast, cheap; pick two.” In other words, you can rarely find all three in a solution at once. For many (including most Impressi clients), hiring internally and hiring a full service marketing agency are both so cost-prohibitive that they’re not even worth a follow-up conversation. These firms do, however, want a bit more structure and strategy than they’d receive just by hiring one-off freelancers.

Typically (but not always), the lower the cost of the initiative, the lower the effectiveness, and the higher your time commitment and involvement is in getting the project done right. In comparison, the higher the cost, the higher the effectiveness (hopefully), and the less involved you need to be (time is money!).

All of these factors must be weighted with your specific firm’s goals. If you decide to go the Impressi route, give us a call or shoot us a note!


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