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True, you could hire someone to write for you dirt cheap on a site like UpWork. While these sites provide a great option for a lot of different specialties, I would argue that writing is typically not one of them, especially if your industry is rather technical. You want someone who knows your industry, or at the very least, knows enough to be “dangerous,” and can clearly communicate your points. You want someone with experience. That person is me.

If you’ve already gone ahead and hired some entry-level talent to produce your website content and/or marketing collateral, good for you. I’ve seen a lot of companies go this route. Oftentimes this copy needs more than just a once-over, however, before it’s put in front of clients. It needs some serious editing, rewriting, and reworking in order to convey your carefully crafted message. So, if you go the route of hiring internally with the idea that a small portion of that person’s role will be to draft your marketing material, leave it at that: to draft. Hire a professional to edit and make the pieces client-ready. That person is me.

Do not hesitate to ask for samples of what I’ve done with other clients on the writing or editing front. It’s the service you never knew you needed, but once you start with Impressi, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

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