Two Easy Tools to Quickly Generate Backlinks & Credibility

One of the backbones of our business at Impressi Marketing is using two tools to capture “low hanging fruit” press coverage opportunities. These tools are HARO and ProfNet, which are both owned by PR Database powerhouse, Cision. I often describe these tools to clients as a “Craigslist for reporters.” Reporters post queries looking for expert sources to provide quotes for articles with upcoming deadlines. By far, I see the highest batting average going after these opportunities, since they’re mutually beneficial. We are providing reporters with needed information to finish their article, and they are providing us with free press coverage/earned media, which oftentimes includes a backlink to my client’s website. Mega win/win.

Both are paid subscriptions, but HARO does have a free option where the subscriber must daily comb through queries upon queries to determine relevance. With Impressi, clients not only receive access to premium subscriptions of each, but we also vet, edit, and submit responses on behalf of our clients. Contact us today if you’d like to take advantage of this “concierge” service. Very little effort is required from the end client, and the results are well worth it!

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