How to Guest on a Podcast

While the “podcast” as we know it today has been around for well over a decade, the exponential consumption of the medium in recent years is undeniable. Podcasts offer a wonderful opportunity for businesses to get in front of very targeted audiences, oftentimes more targeted than even trade magazines. While you’d be lucky to even get your name and a backlink associated with a quote in a written article, podcast hosts also often proudly present your bio (and include it on the episode landing page) to showcase obtaining a person of your caliber on their show, establishing further credibility.

The advantages of guesting on podcasts go on. Since the success of the show (both in terms of smoothness/lack of editing as well as actual information provided) is in the best interest of both the host and the guest, guests will often receive the questions ahead of time to prepare solid answers. Because they can hear the sound of the guest’s voice, podcast listeners can also seemingly develop more of a relationship with the guest vs. just reading words on a screen or on paper.

The podcasting world still has a bit of a “Wild West” feel to it, but there are certainly ways to do some disparate research and narrow down show options to pitch. For example, Apple podcasts has a great Categories listing to scour. That paired with some competitor research (which shows have your competitors been on, and to which other similar shows do those people listen?) can typically generate a strong list to explore further. Along the same lines, you can take a look at previous guests the shows have had to determine the show’s validity and suitability, in addition to looking at the social media followings of the hosts and/or host companies.

Now is certainly the time to throw your hat in the ring in terms of guesting on podcasts. The resulting episode oftentimes lives forever and is a great piece of content to send out to your network once live.

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