Marketing Goods vs. Services

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to market both goods and services throughout my career. I started in financial services, offering services such as investment and portfolio management and estate planning. Later I moved to the product space, including digital (movies on iTunes) and consumer packaged goods (DVDs). Since starting Impressi nearly five years ago, I’ve worked with a variety of clients selling both products and services to their respective end consumers.

To be frank, with the Impressi business model, I have seen the greatest success working with service-oriented businesses. These businesses lend themselves to thought leaders who hold coveted knowledge and opinions the general public cannot easily access. Journalists crave this knowledge because it provides their readers/listeners with a great deal of value that they could not necessarily find elsewhere. Therefore, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Impressi provides the reporter with privileged expertise for his/her audience, and the reporter then provides positive press coverage for the Impressi client. This type of relationship is built to last.

This is not to say we can’t help clients who are selling products. In order to get the same amount of earned media coverage as a service business, a product business needs to come up with different and oftentimes more “competitive” selling points.

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